Calls recording is easier than ever

Record and save any calls on your smartphone. The app is great for interviews and business talks.

Now it’s accessible in the USA! Follow the link and download it right now.

Call recorder enjoys the unlimited trust of thousands of its users.

Key Features

  • Any types of calls
You can record both incoming and outgoing, local and international calls with no limits

  • Transcribing function
You can convert any record to the text message.

  • Opportunity to share
Save and export your records via SMS, email, or Dropbox without limits.

The idea of recording phone talks may sound like something from spy movies. But each owner of any smartphone at least once wanted to record a conversation – just out of interest or for urgent need. For example, reporters need to insert accurate quotes in their articles and TV programs, businessmen conduct important negotiations. The record can also serve as evidence of client service or verbal agreements. It makes no sense to list all the reasons, for which such a record would be helpful since there are a lot of them. Most importantly, now you have such an opportunity.

Call Recorder is a good app for any phone. Now you do not need to worry about the need to take notes during a call – Call Recorder will do everything for you. It can record all types of calls, and if necessary, quickly enable or disable recording.

Therein, you can choose which calls you to want to save and which to delete. You can either record all calls, record calls only for saved contacts, or record calls for phone numbers that aren’t stored in your contacts. А very comfortable feature, isn’t it?

After the call is saved, you can get converted message text. This feature is unique and useful. You can add notes to clarify any information or to mark something important, which should be emphasized.

You don’t need to worry that you’ll lose records in case something happens to your phone. Call Recorder allows saving the data to the iCloud or Dropbox. So you’ll have an extra backup of all your calls.

There is no ad (and it isn’t expected) in the app. There are no hidden fees here either. Call Recorder is a free program, available for all Apple users. Recording calls and saving them is free and unlimited. You pay only for further transcription of your call. Experts will convert it for you and you’ll get it by e-mail or directly in the app.

High-quality sound recording is guaranteed. Users don’t need to listen too closely to every word they say. That is the pure sound you’re hearing.

You’ll never know when you need to record your phone call, but when you need it, you might regret not using this free feature. This app doesn’t consume much space. Install it and use where necessary.

All you need to start using the Call Recorder is to download by the link on this site and register by phone number.